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MPA Magazine Trial Update

The MPA trial with newsagents, have been progressing very well. As you know, we have two groups of pilot stores. Pilot A, with the optimised supply and merchandising support, has started on 8 June, while Pilot B stores, with only the optimised supply, has commenced on 10 August.

Feedback to-date from most of the Pilot A stores is that it's definitely a step in the right direction.


This week at the ANF

ANF CEO Alf Maccioni and ANF-QLD CEO Ann Nugent are attending QLD member committee meetings today.

ANF Policy Manager Ben Kearney and ANF CFO Michael Renshaw are meeting with Dr Tony Richards, Head of Payments Policy Department, RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA today, as part of the Consultation on the Review of Card Payments Regulation that the ANF has provided several submissions to. They will be ensuring that the RBA understand that the costs of the payment system must be fairly paid for by all participants, not just merchants like our members paying large fees to support banks profitability.


ATO Scam Warning

The ATO is warning the public to be aware of a phone scam that is again circulating, involving fraudsters intimidating people into paying a fake tax debt over the phone by threatening arrest if they don't comply. These callers are quoting ABN and reference numbers and contact phone numbers with the intent of the calls, but these are all bogus numbers.

Assistant Commissioner Thomas Ryan has said that the ATO would never contact taxpayers regarding their debt in this threatening manner and urges people to protect their personal details.


The Productivity Commission releases Draft Report into the Workplace Relations Framework

The Productivity Commission released their Draft Report into the Workplace Relations Framework at 11am this morning.

In the ANF's submission to this inquiry earlier this year, we asked for a more common sense approach to Sunday Penalty rates in retail, easier access for small businesses to utilise Enterprise Bargaining Agreements and significantly better Individual Flexibility Arrangement (IFA) provisions, along with a simplified model for meeting employer obligations and some changes to how the Fair Work Commission works with small business. (see ANF submission HERE).


Staff profile: Ben Kearney, ANF-TAS GM/National Policy Manager

Ben Kearny has been with the ANF for seven years as ANF-Tasmania general manager and also national policy advisor.

Ben started his career in hotel management, began his own small business and grew this to three bakery cafes, which he ran for 12 years. During this time, Ben was also involved in the local Tourism Association as its President; this involved lobbying government for support for small tourism businesses. Ben has completed a Masters of Business, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy.


ACCC Deputy Chairman speaks on Industry Codes at ANF Industry Awards

Report by ANF TAS GM Ben Kearney

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Deputy Chairman, Dr Michael Schaper, was the guest speaker at the ANF 2015 Tasmanian Newsagent Industry Awards for Excellence in Hobart over the weekend.


Putting the Magazine model to the test

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently allowed the Association of Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA) to test a new magazine distribution program with 40 newsagents. The MPA's six-month pilot program aims to establish whether limitations on distribution are an effective way to address the problem of oversupply of magazines to newsagents.

Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission comments in an article for National Newsagent next month on the pilot and how 'Public Benefits' and 'Codes of Conduct' are assessed and developed. He says in the article that "It is important that the MPA provide sufficient detail about the pilot to all industry participants, including the Australian Newsagents Federation as the national industry body representing newsagents, to ensure stakeholders can have confidence in the process and contribute meaningfully to the development of an effective Code."


Network Services Publishers' Forum

Network Services held their inaugural Publishers' Forum on Thursday 16 July. The ANF was asked to present to the publishers on the Newsagency channel at this event.

Topics such as magazine category insights, magazine publisher insights, logistics and operations, the MPA Code of Conduct and Trial, and magazine retailing were covered at the Forum. ANF COO Adam Joy and Chairman Stuart Kilborn presented publishers with a newsagent overview of the magazine category, and ANF CEO Alf Maccioni took part in a Q&A panel discussion regarding magazine retailing, alongside Mary Ann Azer (MPA), Ian Brooks (Odysseus Publishing), Kerry Vogel (Retail 25) and Tony Edwards (Network Services).

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