Monday, September 01, 2014
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National Newsagent has launched a blog

CLICK HERE to access the blog.

ANF meets with ATO about 2014 Tax Packs

ANF Policy Manager Ben Kearney met with Steve Vesperman the ATO’s Deputy Commissioner, Small Business/Individual Taxpayers to discuss this year’s arrangement with Tax Packs. CLICK HERE for more.

New Network invoicing changes and delivery bundle issues frustrate members

ANF CEO Alf Maccioni met with Network management late last week in relation to this issue CLICK HERE for more.

Join the Revolution!

BOSS Revolution is an award winning pinless international calling service that allows you to create a new, healthy revenue stream. BOSS stands head and shoulders above traditional calling services.

Click here for more.


The ANF has a number of questions in regard to CONNECT which was forward to David McLean, CEO of Hubbed 

Please click here to view questions and answers.

Click here to view some Q&A style communication between Hubbed and a QLD newsagent.

How CONNECT can build your business

CONNECT brings new products and services to the newsagency channel that would otherwise send your customers to alternate retail outlets to complete their transactions. CONNECT is a great opportunity for those newsagents wanting to offer core services to their community in the form of outbound parcel service, Bill Payment or generic gift cards. Newsagents wanting to offer more to their customers could consider the CONNECT Premium solution which has an interactive customer kiosk and offers photo prints, books, online deals and energy switching just to name a few.

CONNECT is designed to provide growth in four areas:

1.Increased foot traffic
2.Increased margins
3.Increased basket sizes
4.Increased revenue

Interested in a new business stream for your newsagency? Than we suggest you contact CONNECT to find out more or give the ANF a call to answer any questions you have.

CONNECT LITE is now being rolled out nationally

If you would like to sign up and be contacted by the team right away, please complete the forms below, and CONNECT will push through your application.

CLICK HERE to access the CONNECT LITE initial application form.

CLICK HERE to access the CONNECT LITE info sheet.


What CONNECT newsagents are saying about the service

CLICK HERE to see what other newsagents are saying about CONNECT.

CONNECT in the media

CLICK HERE to view a Channel 10 News segment on CONNECT.


Take advantage of your leasing specialist – one of the many benefits available to you as an ANF Member.

Michael Cuda has more than twenty years experience in the retail property industry and has held senior roles within both agency and large national retail landlords such as Westfield and Stockland.

If you are currently entering into a new lease (especially if you have never been in business before) or contemplating doing so, we strongly recommend that you appoint an experienced and reputable solicitor to review every aspect of the proposed lease document before you make a legal commitment. 

If you wish to discuss any of the matters outlined in the attached guide or any other retail property leasing issues, you are free to do so by contacting or call us on (02) 8425 9600


Whether you are about to start a new business and enter into a new lease for the first time or you are an existing retailer looking to renegotiate a further term, you must always bear in mind one important reality, the landlord (lessor) is in business to make money, the same as you are. Any dealings between the lessor and retailer (lessee) should always be commercial and at arm’s length. There must be recognition by both parties that all dealings should be professional at all times – often this is easier said than done, particularly when renegotiating a lease for an existing premise.

Log in to the Members Area now to read the complete practical guide to lease negotiation.

The ANF works in unity with your state associations to protect members' interests and improve the profile of the newsagency industry at a public and corporate level. For IR resources in your state or territory, please visit the website of your state association using the links below. 

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Business News

NEWSPACK Insurance is now national

After a 12 month tender process, we are proud to announce the industry-owned NEWSPACK insurance is now available to newsagents all over the country. The strength and buying power that this provides is expected to bring newsagents the best insurance coverage possible.

Insurers are focused on risk and spreading the NEWSPACK portfolio across the country minimises the risk for the insurer which...

American Express and Small Business

A message for newsagents from American Express: Being able to spend in smaller shops and ‘every day’ places is critical to American Express Card members, which is why we have been working with the ANF to advertise in the National Newsagent magazine to increase newsagent awareness of the benefits when welcoming American Express.

Our rates are competitive for small businesses and we would...

Trader Tag – Has your account been debited for overpaid commissions?

The ANF has been informed by some of their members that their latest IPS statement includes a debit of previously received Trader Tag commissions. When Trader Tag was first launched in August 2011 they (Trader Tag & IPS) offered newsagents 50% commission for each paper sold as an initial incentive to encourage newsagents to promote this product. It was decided at the end of that first 6...

RBA meeting

ANF COO Adam Joy met with Dr David Orsmond, Deputy Head Economic Analysis Department and Head of Regional and Industry Analysis and Dr Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Economic) last week, to continue discussions on monetary policy decision making and its effect on both the retail and distribution arms of the newsagency channel. This was anchored by discussions in reduction in the movement of...

NT Awards for Excellence Winners

Last night the ANF hosted the NT Newsagent Awards for Excellence. Newsagents from within the Darwin area and supplier partners and sponsors, including News Corp, Hallmark, John Sands and Ancol representatives, met last night in beautiful Cullen Bay at Yots Greek Tavern, to see who received the awards for Best NT Lottery Newsagent and Best NT Retail Newsagent. NT News sent along a photographer and...

ATM Providers - ANF Member Issue

We have been contacted by one of our members asking for assistance with an issue they currently have with an ATM provider. Our member has had an ATM machine in their newsagency for the last four years and three months. Just recently they gave notice to their ATM provider that they had decided not to resign their contract after its initial term finished at the end of April 2015. The ATM provider...

RBA interest rate decision

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) today made the decision to leave the cash rate on hold, as an overwhelming majority of analysts expect the RBA to keep the current monetary policy stance unchanged. ANF COO Adam Joy will be meeting with Dr David Orsmond, Deputy Head Economic Analysis Department and Head of Regional and Industry Analysis and Dr Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Economic) this...

ACCC re-authorises newsagents to collectively bargain

On Friday 1 August, 2014 the ACCC granted the Australian Newsagents' Federation authorisation to collectively bargain on behalf of its current and future members. The ACCC have determined that the ANF will operate under this authorisation until 22 August 2024. The previous authorisation was for a period of five years and allowed the ANF to collectively bargain with publishers and distributors, these...

ANF CEO and Policy Manager to attend Small Business Summit and meet with new Tatts Lotteries COO this week

ANF CEO and Policy Manager attending 12th National Small Business Summit this week ANF CEO, Alf Maccioni and National Policy Manager, Ben Kearney will be attending the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) 12th National Small Business Summit this Thursday and Friday in Melbourne to engage with other small business associations and a range of influential politicians...

Probationary periods: myths exposed

MYTH: Probationary employees are exempt from Fair Work Act (FW Act) unfair dismissal laws. Under previous employment legislation, an employee who was dismissed while on a probationary period couldn’t make an unfair dismissal claim. Since the commencement of WorkChoices in 2006, whether or not an employee was on a probationary period set in a contract has been irrelevant for determining...
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