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C&I Expo

The 2015 Convenience & Impulse Convention & Expo kicks off at midday on Wednesday at the Sydney Showground, when 140 suppliers will showcase the industry over two days.

Some 1,500 retailers have already registered to attend C&I 2015 and the Small Stores Breakfast and Retail Sales & Cocktails function are booked out.


News Corp 2015 Remuneration Review

Last week newsagents were informed by News Corp that they had completed their 2015 Remuneration Review and that there would be an increase to the home delivery fee.

The ANF was looking for more of an overarching scenario which will enhance the viability of distribution. ANF CEO Alf Maccioni has requested a meeting with News Corp to work out a long term strategy for ongoing delivery of their product.


Newsagency Industry Summit 2015

The Industry Summit convened by the ANF last Wednesday 25 February brought together leaders from key industry sectors; sectors which all depend on the newsagency channel for a large part of their sales - publishers, greeting card companies, GNS representing stationery, lotteries and newsagents.

With the industry at a crucial point in the business growth cycle it was necessary to stimulate co-operation and action to take the industry forward. ANF CEO Alf Macccioni said the openness and frankness that was spoken on Wednesday was refreshing for all to hear. "Since the meeting I have had a number of the partners comment how well the day went and that they truly feel that we have an exciting future ahead of us..."


Free safes from Westpac Bank

As part of the relationship the ANF holds with Westpac on the National Armed Robbery Program through the Australian Institute of Criminology.

The Westpac Bank has offered some second hand safes FREE OF CHARGE to Newsagents.


Lotteries Update from NANA

NANA continues to impress on the NSW Government, concerns arising from the MOU signed by the NSW Government and Tatts, such as:

  1. The introduction of lotteries to the fuel outlets owned by the major supermarket chains is exactly the same as if they were to go into their large format stores.
  2. The MOU does not cover ACT agents.
  3. There is no mechanism for the distribution of the 'up to $10,000' per outlet towards lottery fit outs.

NANA has been provided with a heavily redacted copy of the Clause from the NSW Lotteries "sale" contract that deals with potential compensation to Tatts if the Moratorium is extended. NANA is having this reviewed and will publish a view shortly.


Newsagency Industry Meeting

Tomorrow the ANF will meet with industry leaders from across the entire channel to look at the big issues facing the newsagency channel. This is the first time that the majority of the suppliers for the Newsagents channel will get together. The ANF has been working on this meeting since November 2014. We have been pleased to see the positive response from most of the industry players.

The Newsagency industry's massive retail footprint and distribution reach across Australia is a vital channel for most of our partners - publishers, magazine distributors, greeting card, stationery, Lotteries, POS suppliers, Newsagent franchise groups and many other partners are attending this meeting. The ANF's ACCC authorisation allows us to have all these partners in the same room. These industry partners want, and in fact need, our industry to grow and prosper. What can we do to work together to strengthen and advance our industry?


Australian Taxation Reporter

A Queensland member received a letter from a company called Australian Taxation Reporter (ATR) asking her to subscribe to their tax planning and tax saving program for $539 per annum.

The newsagent ignored the letter but then soon started to receive repeated phone calls from this company sales team recommending the program and asking them to subscribe.

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