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RBA Payments Consultation Group

Thank you to all members who have been supporting us tirelessly in the pursuit of more equitable interchange regulation, bank-issued three party cards and surcharging. Following months of public consultation with the RBA and private consultation with integral supply partners in this space, The ANF will be representing you once more at Friday's Payment Consultation Group meeting with Assistant Governor (financial System) Malcolm Edey present.

The ANF anticipates the proposed changes to the card payments legislation to be announced this Friday.


The Channel

We have called our member newsletter Newsagent News for quite some time now, as we felt at the time that term was what best encompassed this particular communication platform.

However, newsagents are rarely mere newsagents now-newsagents are embracing diversification. Our members are retail newsagents, distributions agents, lottery agents, gift retailers, parcel pick up and drop off points, money remittance agents, and so much more. We felt the need to refresh the Newsagent News masthead to accommodate for the diversity of news which applies to the retail, distribution and lottery agents across the nation, a masthead which reflects this entire, very diverse, channel.


Former Federal Small Business Minister Bruce Billson to retire at next election

Former Federal Small Business Minister and Dunkley MP (VIC) Bruce Billson has announced this morning that he will not be seeking re-election for an eighth term at the next election.

"After two decades in public life, my family and I have reflected on circumstances following the change of leadership and decided it is the right time to 'hang up the campaign R.M. Williams," he said.


Federal Government responds to the Competition Policy Review

The Government will implement the majority of the Harper Review's recommendations by specifically supporting, in whole or in part, 44 of the 56 recommendations. They remain open to the remaining 12 recommendations, depending on the outcome of further reviews and consultation with the states and territories and other stakeholders. This will include the highly contested Section 46 recommendation on misuse of market power and introducing an 'effects test', which the Government has announced they will shortly be releasing a new discussion paper on.

It is a mixed bag for small business, on our first look. Improving the collective bargaining regime under the competition law, to provide more flexibility and increased information for small businesses, to help improve our bargaining position is good, as is simplifying the law overall. Strengthening competitive neutrality laws is good also, as is the decision by the Government to not take away the ACCC Deputy Commissioner for Small Business role as was recommended, as this role has been valuable.


Impulse Entertainment in Administration

Impulse Entertainment have been placed into Administration and ceased to trade from 28th October. Their assets have been on-sold to another company.

The Administrators have advised the ANF that they have engaged the collection agency Professional Collection Services who have sent all debtors a current invoice to pay. To receive monies back for stock newsagents can't sell, they will have to lodge an unsecured claim with the Administrators. But it would be advisable for newsagents to attempt to sell as much of their Impulse Entertainment stock as possible as a successful claim would only result in receiving a portion of the wholesale cost. For those who have stock to return we have been advised that unless it is already recognised as a credit on an invoice it will not be honoured.


Recommendation for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products containing button batteries

The Brisbane Coroner Office of Mr John Hutton, who recently finalised an inquest into the death of Summer Alice Steer, has made contact with the ANF after handing down his recommendations

In his findings, Mr Hutton made recommendations to all manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products containing button batteries, which may reduce the likelihood of similar deaths in future.


NANA Awards for Excellence 2015

The NSW Newsagents of the Year have been announced.

Awards were presented in six categories including:


It's time to be SuperStream compliant

In case you haven't already heard, large employers with more than 20 employees were expected to comply with the ATO's new SuperSteam standards by 31 October 2015.

If you are a small employer (with fewer than 20 employees) you have until 30 June 2016 to be SuperStream compliant.

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