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HQ Gift Fair this Weekend

The HQ Gift Fair is being held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre this coming weekend July 4th to 6th .

The ANF has a booth and a lounge for members to use to relax and recuperate or just for somewhere to go to work out what you have seen and what you want to order.


This week at the ANF

The ANF's Board of Directors are attending a board meeting at the ANF Headoffice in Sydney.

ANF National Policy Manager Ben Kearney is catching up with the ATO on Tuesday to discuss opportunities for the ATO to communicate with newsagents about their plans for physical ATO products like tax tables in newsagents. Ben will be communicating the results of our recent survey of members on the demand from newsagency customers for these products.


Thinking of You Week

The Australian Greeting Card Association has created Thinking of You Week, which runs from 15-22 June 2015.

This is designed to increase greeting card sales. When you CLICK HERE to view the Greeting Card Association website, you will see a quote that says;


ANF meets with Federal Small Business Minister Bruce Billson, Deputy Chairman ACCC and Attorney-General\'s Department

The ANF's CEO and Policy Manager were in Canberra for meetings on Monday and Tuesday. They met with the Federal Small Business Minister Bruce Billson, to discuss Unfair Contract Terms Legislation, the Governments response to the Harper Competition Policy review and other issues. The Minister was sympathetic with concerns the ANF raised in regards to the thresholds for contracts captured by the new proposed unfair contract terms legislation. The Minister talked about the balancing act between getting the changes through and the thresholds and has agreed to consider potentially putting thresholds in regulations rather than legislation so that these could be more flexible. The ANF is going to work on some scenarios for the Minister that could provide a compromise position. The ANF also shared concerns we have with the Harper Competition Policy final report and that the general focus of the report is on damage to a market and not competitors. The ANF raised concerns we have that if a big company targets a small company it may still not be a breach.

The ANF also met with Dr Michael Schaper - Deputy Chairman of the ACCC to discuss some banking issues effecting members and to provide a general overview of current industry issues. The ANF also met with the Attorney-General's Department about banking issues.


Illegal Tobacco - It's a serious matter!

CLICK HERE for a letter from the AAR, which explanation of the background and seriousness of this matter.


Upcoming Industry Awards Events

There will be several Industry Awards for Excellence events held throughout the country in the coming months.

14 July: SA Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner
25 July: Tasmanian Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner
11 August: NT Awards for Excellence Dinner
11 September: WA Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner
18 September: QLD Awards for Excellence Business Breakfast
30 October: NANA Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner


VANA Awards Night

The first industry awards night for the year was held in grand style in Melbourne, Victoria on Saturday.

Congratulations to all award nominees, and the following winners:


Urgent ATM Update

We have received some information from our ATM Partner Next Payments, and hold concerns that an ATM provider with over 500 ATMs nationally is on the brink of shutting its doors. We are sharing this information to try and prevent any newsagents who may have dealings with this company from any undue stress and anguish.

The model which this ATM company operates in is of high risk. The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released a paper in relation to the risk- CLICK HERE to access this.

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