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Upcoming Industry Awards Events

There will be several Industry Awards for Excellence events held throughout the country in the coming months.

14 July: SA Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner
25 July: Tasmanian Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner
11 August: NT Awards for Excellence Dinner
11 September: WA Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner
18 September: QLD Awards for Excellence Business Breakfast
30 October: NANA Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner


VANA Awards Night

The first industry awards night for the year was held in grand style in Melbourne, Victoria on Saturday.

Congratulations to all award nominees, and the following winners:


Urgent ATM Update

We have received some information from our ATM Partner Next Payments, and hold concerns that an ATM provider with over 500 ATMs nationally is on the brink of shutting its doors. We are sharing this information to try and prevent any newsagents who may have dealings with this company from any undue stress and anguish.

The model which this ATM company operates in is of high risk. The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released a paper in relation to the risk- CLICK HERE to access this.


ANF meeting with ATO Deputy Commissioner for Small Business

The ANF CEO and National Policy Manager met with the ATO's Deputy Commissioner for Small Business Steve Vesperman in Sydney last week. We discussed this year's Tax Time period and a range of other issues. The ANF presented the results of our survey on the Tax Time information in newsagents. The survey in summary revealed that; the Tax Time posters were not particularly helpful for newsagents, newsagents more often than not are helping customers when accessing the ATO information, the quantities sent out are appropriate in most cases, but there is still demand from older customers for physical tax packs.

The ATO appreciated the feedback they received, in particular the individual comments made by newsagents. They appeared to recognise that this is a difficult transition and understood it is not necessarily appreciated by newsagents. They have offered to consult with us further on the communication they will prepare for this year and to provide additional information for each newsagent.


Unfair Contract Terms Legislation lobbying efforts update

The ANF has continued working hard to lobby in every State and Territory for changes to strengthen the proposed upfront price thresholds proposed in the Federal Governments Unfair Contract Terms Legislation. Currently these are inadequate and will not capture enough standard form contracts that Newsagents have. See our latest submission HERE.

The ANF Policy Manager Ben Kearney has written to every State and Territory Minister about our concerns, and has written to every Small Business Commissioner as well as cross bench Senators. Last week the ANF CEO and Policy Manager met with the NSW Small Business Minister, the Hon. John Barilaro MP about this and received a very understanding hearing. This week the ANF Policy Manager has met with the Tasmanian Small Business Parliamentary Secretary and also the Tasmanian Minister for State Growth's Chief of Staff in Hobart about this.


ATO Information Alert - Immediate deductability for assets less than $20,000

By now you would have heard the news from the Budget in relation to the proposed deductions for small business. The information below will help you and your accountant understand when and what you can claim for.

Is the measure law yet?


MEDIA RELEASE: Government's second budget delivers the right impetus for developing improved small business activity in the economy

The Australian Newsagents' Federation (ANF) said the Government and Small Business Minister Bruce Billson have done a great job with the $5.5 billion Growing Jobs and Small Business Package. It delivers the right impetus for developing improved small business activity in the economy.

National Policy Manager Ben Kearney said, "The new announcements in last night's budget are welcome. The 5% tax discount for unincorporated small businesses capped at $1000 per individual and the increase in the immediate tax deduction for equipment purchases from the current $1000 to $20,000, will bring forward the timing of deductions and improve overall cash flow. This will definitely create further impetus and incentive for our members to invest in their businesses."


ANF provides final submission to Government on unfair contract term protections arguing for stronger thresholds to include the majority of small business contracts

The ANF today submitted our final submission to the consultation on the Exposure Draft and Explanatory Materials for the extension of unfair contract term protections to small businesses.

We have provided detailed submissions before on this important issue, but have used this final consultation to highlight how import this issue is to our members, and that we are of the firm view that re-balancing the commercial contracting environment many small businesses like Newsagents exist in, will improve certainty and overall business confidence in our economy. CLICK HERE to read the full submission.

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